Ardi Harte


Born in Schiedam and raised in Vlaardingen. In mij professional life i am working with a company called SDV Nederlan B.V. i am working as a customs clerk. In mij spare time i prefere to spend on my passions, my Girlfriend Gwendolyn, photografie, Badminton and Autosports. With photografie i am a amateur with ambition to constantly improve my photo's. Badminton is a hobby, but i like to play as competive as i have in me. Autosports is a wide area, but it mainly comes to watch it on TV or on the track, especially D.T.M.. Thereby Autosports are very nice to take pictures from, as you can find on my website. 3 items in photografie are my favorites, Sports, Music and Portrets, the last is the one i like the most.

Since i live together with my Girlfriend Gwendolyn i have become a member of the Photo club "De Haagse" in Den Haag. Especially the Black and White group.


Please visit the website of my girlfriend at